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At Light Level Ltd, we provide wide array of signage and signage related services to meet the yearning needs of our clients. we are very conscious that clients needs are changing and becoming sophisticated. Therefore our services are designed and factored to meet those needs.

A unique part of our services include providing the best advice to our Clients who have particular idea on how their signage should be but have little or no knowledge on how their initial designs would look like. We help to proffer ideas as regards the type of design, materials to be used, amongst others. We always look to offer the very best advice and consulting services to our Clients.

  With our skilled personnel and well-equipped factory, we ensure that our signs are manufactured to the best quality and unparallel standard. Jobs are carefully monitored right from the design stage to the completion stage to ensure they meet the Client specification. Quality controls are also routinely carried out on finished signs ensure absolute and flawless products.

Sign installation is a very important component of our signage services. Poor installation can completely wreck a good sign. We ensure that client signs are handled with absolute care from transportation to site, site inspection and final installation. Our well-trained and experienced installation team travel within and outside the country to install signs at client premises.





Apart from manufacturing and installing signs, we also undertake comprehensive sign maintenance briefs from clients. This is because we know the value a timely and well-implemented maintenance service agreement can add to the quality of signs.
  As a world-class signage company, we are committed to providing quality visual communication, as a good signage speaks a lot for itself. Our graphic team ensure that signs are designed to produce the best art-works to meet the client specifications before they are finally manufactured.
At Light Level Limited, we are committed to helping our clients build world-class brands. We believe that a quality brand is vital to every company’s image. Our company is driven with passion for brands to meet client needs through the visual expression and representation of their brands.
  Our traineeship programme was introduced with the aim of assisting young people to build a career in signage manufacturing and installation. Over the years this programme has proved successful with a good number of qualified technical personnel.
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