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  UV JET 215 - PLUS / L1200 - ZUND
ZUND UV Jet opens existing new opportunities for indoor and outdoor signage, advertising and decorations, posters, exhibition and stage graphics, banners, flags, billboard, backlit, POS/POP, vehicle graphics, hoarding, furniture, architecture, show-room etc. It can print multiple smaller formats simultaneously for highest efficiency and optimal utilization of the printing width. It can also produce all sorts of packages.
ZUND prints on material up to 44mm thick and width of 2150mm. It prints directly to: plexiglass, wood, cardboard, glass, metal, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, pvc, perforated plates, fabrics, mesh, stone, foamboard, wallpaper, canvas, corrugates, ceramics, leather, cork, aluminium, vinyl etc. and the cutting system media offers automated cutting and trimming of virtually any printed graphics.
This is a solvent inkjet printer for super large documents such as huge banners, posters and sign boards. Its high capacity ink tanks and rapid drying system revolutionally increases productivity. This machine prints on the following media: paper, flex, vinyl film, banner, polyester, one way vision film etc, in both roll or sheet, with media thickness of 1mm and maximum printing width of 1800mm.
The GARBER SABRE Router/Engraver is ideal for dimensional sign making, wood working and parts fabrication. It offers high-speed letter and graphic design routing along with dependability, flexibility, ease of use and minimal maintenance. It can route designs from a variety of materials including foams, plastics, woods, composites and non-ferrous metals as well as draw all types of text and graphics.It is ideal for creating any indoor or outdoor sign, including architectural, structural and electrical signs featuring reverse carving, engraving, prismatic letters and graphics, push- through letters, large lettering and logos.
  I-Cut (Intelligent Cutting Utility Tool) is an electronic processing package that imports files from standard vector-based design software for the purpose of cutting and converting them. It is specifically engineered to optimize the speed and accuracy of a number of supported cutting plasters, lasers and routing/milling systems.

The program can be completely customized to meet the requirements of any cutting, routing or drawing application. It supports both sheet and automatic roll-feeding. i-cut’s advance technology offers the highest accuracy and productivity in an intuitive, user friendly environment.

LET-R-EDGE CHANNEL LETTER SIGNS speaks forcefully for business worldwide, electric letter signs made with the versatile let-R-Edge return system utilize innovative fabrication techniques enabling professional letter builders to handcraft durable channel letter signs of unmatched style and appearance. Innovative Let-R-Edge is manufactured from aluminium and coated with industrial expoxy or continuous coil anodizing, assuring long term letter return service ability in diverse environments. Gerber can handle and cut long runs of material without loss of accuracy,it has the capability of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness from standard vinyls to sandblast stencil. Material width of about 76 to 660mm,cutting width of 597mm and cutting speed 1118mm per sec.
Gerber can handle and cut long runs of material without loss of accuracy. It has the capability of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness from standard vinyls to sandblast stencil. Material width of about 76 to 660mm, cutting width of 597mm and cutting speed 1118mm per sec. Universal laser system is a free-standing unit with integrated cart, motorized z axis auto focus, x-y beam positioning system with motion technology, self adjusting spring loaded sealed bearing. It does vector cutting, 3D engraving, rubber stamp mode, raster or vector engraving, combined vector/raster processes.
ShopBot is used in signmaking for 3d carving, v-bit carving, profile contouring, fluting and engraving in wood, foam, plastic and alluminium. It carves image in woods and foam, it cuts plastics and alluminium letters, and to intricately machine tthe all sorts of graphic objects and letters. Full 3d cutting capability allows cutting and machining of practically anything. Signmakers can take full advantage of the CNC process by cutting channel letter components, frame, posts and borders in-house.
  The Universal Laser system X-600 works on the principle of Laser technology for precise transformation of images, drawings or designs on a computer screen into real items made out of an amazing variety of materials such as plastic (micro surfaced), glass, ceramic, rubber stamps, Plexiglas, leather, treated wood, fabric, acrylic, aluminium, brass, corian, marble, mat board, melamine and vinyl-sign. The technology find its fundamental on the vector principle which entails the X, Y and Z-axis movement of the focus lens, so that any design possible with letters, numbers, etc to the machine in its automated format will be satisfactorily done.
  This machine has made sign making jobs easier and unique with the heating system of moulding perspect and plastic material into any kind of shape. This unit can mould logos,letters.image nd different kind of graphics to any desired shape.
  The Circular machine is used to cut various materials such as straight perspex and di-bond with a high degree of accuracy and precision. It also cuts perspex stripes.
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